Nope – I Can’t Deal with Robin Williams.

Today Robin Williams would have been 64 years old.

I’ve seen a few tribute posts on the internet today, talking about how great of an actor, person, human being, comedian he was.

But I have to admit, I can’t deal with his death – not because I don’t feel the loss of his character, because I do, but his death – his suicide – is a reminder that even those that are insanely talented don’t make it out of this life intact.

I’ve got my issues, I realize, and it still is a struggle, but the notes about Robin Williams are just a reminder to me – especially when I’m low – that all the money, love, family and support in the world, doesn’t fix a broken brain.

It’s a tough fight to think of that and know that depression lies, it lies to everyone and it doesn’t discriminate.

So if you don’t see me sharing your post about Robin Williams you’ll know why – he lost his battle, but I still have to fight mine.


One thought on “Nope – I Can’t Deal with Robin Williams.

  1. xx I hear you. Strangely this last week I’ve been ruminating on the death of Nick Cave’s (and Susie Bick’s) 16 year old son. Every death is a tragedy.

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