Don’t walk on the water


0146_Don't walk on the waterI took this picture near a man-made lake by my folks house in Alberta. It isn’t as clear as I would have hoped, but the middle picture is supposed to forbid people from walking on the ice, but I guess they didn’t know how to draw ice, so they drew waves instead.

I haven’t posted because I’ve been overwhelmed by stuff to do; not that it really stopped me from posting, but that I really didn’t know where to start when writing another note.

Things are slowly coming together, I think. I have three reports to write in the next week, and a large event to help out with on Thursday. Then I’m selling everything I own on Sunday. Then my next adventure is to fly to Fort Nelson to visit my brother.

And I thought I was being smart in leaving my warm clothes in Alberta. I was thinking “Nope, I won’t need a warm jacket or boots if I’m going to Fiji”. Ha.