Bomb Threat!

Nah, Just kidding. At least, there was no real bomb . It was only a hoax. But supposedly last night at my hotel near the Sydney Airport, a young Iranian man who wanted to be deported phoned in a fake bomb threat. This happened on the fourth floor. I was on the seventh.

I’m hoping that they just didn’t take it too seriously, because I didn’t hear anything about it until I was talking with a woman from the US. “Did you hear all the commotion last night?”. “Ah, er, no” I replied. She told me the story. I imagine around the time that this happened I was in my bath with my sparkling wine and listening to my music. In other words, I’m not sure I would have moved even if I would have known.

I’m thinking about how I should broach this with my mother. She is kind of freaked out by these things. Should I not bother telling her, and risk that she finds out about this via the internet; or should I tell her and risk her being worried about me even more than she is??

***********edit – the terminal at Sydney Airport wouldn’t let me write “bomb” in an email. Funny that. Maybe not the smartest thing to write out considering the recent arrest of 15 potential terrorists, eh?******************