I’m Alive and, well, drunk.

My flight today was wonderful. I was driven to the airport by the lovely alasatyr and after convincing the airport folks that they can send unaccompanied baggage, having a bite to eat, we said our fond fairwells and I wandered to the flight. It was very uneventful, except when the guy whom I was sharing the aisle with sat down beside me. I’m pretty sure he was a guy that stood me up on a blind date I was supposed to go on. He didn’t recognize me, but from the stats he threw out, it did seem like he was the same guy. It made me kind of glad to leave Auckland, where everyone is two degrees separated from everyone else. This guy turned out to be relatively nice, but it took all I had to not tell him to fuck off, or to freak him out with information that I knew about him.

I got to Sydney – it was about 25 degrees when I landed. Went to my hotel. Checked in. Got to my room, dumped my stuff and crashed. Then ordered some food, bought a bottle of sparkling wine, and took said bottle with me into the bathroom, drew a nice bubble bath and proceeded to drink. Getting out was kind of a chore.

Now, I’m just trying to fall asleep, but I think I’m too excited about going to Perth tomorrow. I guess I can sleep on the plane. 🙂



i’ve heard a rumour – hell has gluten free pizza bases.

(they seem to be out of stock right at the moment, but hopefully they will be in stock so that I don’t have to break the gluten-free diet before I leave NZ)