I want to dance as if my life has no limits
or as if the limits are perched
just over my shoulder

I want the pink chiffon silk of my skirt
to pirouette in a never-ending swirl
spinning off beams of colour
indistinguisable from their cloth sisters

I want to laugh so hard that I nearly throw-up
And to smile so wide that my cheeks become charlie horsed
and the white of my teeth blind all those within bleaching distance

I want to feel the eternal thump of a bass
while it takes my pulse by the hand
finding points where they compliment each other so well
that they cancel each other out in silence

I want to close my eyes and feel
the rythym of drums pounding, a backdrop
for the blocks and ribbons of red, yellow and purple
that play in my blackened field of vision

I want to feel eternally energetic
a nuclear reactor bubbling on
atoms splitting and rejoining
controlled and powerful
headspace to bodyspace
realigning my bloodforce
allowing me to channel the music
so I can keep dancing forever