Pop-Up Carnival, Leicester Square, London

London & outside London photos! —> a few randoms, wandering around London, trip to Peterborough (well, small town outside Peterborough), random carnival in Leicester Square.


Dangerous Photography

For some reason, this picture of my last trip up to Banff has more views than any other. I guess… because its a little off kilter? This was another in my series of “dangerous pictures” ie, those taken while driving… for the most part, most of those photos are rubbish, but I still think it is interesting the type of photos you can get when traveling at 130km/ hr and not looking where you are shooting.

Happy Holidays!

Well, I got to my final destination of Calgary (well, High River) then my folks say we are going to drive another 13 hours to Manitoba on the 23rd. WOOOO.

It turned out to be quite a nice drive, but after the five hour flight to Sydney, 14 to LAX, 2.5 to Vancouver and 1.5 to Calgary, I’m a little travelled out.

The only thing that kept me entertained was looking for the big things along the side of the road. I’ll post a pic as soon as I can, but lets just say that the big moose statue in Moosejaw Saskatchewan is 2/3 anatomically correct.

Weather & Race Riots

Okay, so I’ve been in Western Australia for a month now. THere have been about three days of nice (ie over 30 degrees) weather. THe last few days its been so cold, that Los Angeles, which is IN winter right now, was warmer.

I leave today – what is the weather? At 9am, its sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and already 22 degrees. ALREADY warmer than it was for pretty much my whole trip.

SO no biggy I think, I’ll just catch some rays in Sydney.


Thunderstorms. And even if there were no thunderstorms, I can’t go to a beach because of some police order with the whole race riot thing. No one is allowed on a beach.

This, really, is beyond hilarious…

Another Day, Another Flight

So, in the next five days I will be on four different flights. Total flying time of about 26 hours.

And its a strange feeling again – I’m excited to be going home, for sure, but I’m also very hesitant. I hate Christmas at the best of times, and I think when I finally get to Calgary I’m going to crash mentally.

Thank god for tequila.

I know I’m supposed to be positive, but…….

THE WEATHER HERE STINKS! Its supposed to be summer, and it isn’t. It has three days to get nice for my birthday, because its International Monkey Day, and you cannot have International Monkey Day INSIDE!

whinge whinge.

So what does one do when it is raining? Drive south, stay in a Meditterannean beach house, find an 8″ (diameter) tarantula on the wall, visit wineries, chocolateries, and walk 300 stairs down into a drippy stalagmite-infested cave. WOOOO.

Tomorrow, I will dine with the sharks. Or at least beside them.

Lots of Red Earth

Well, back now in Perth for all of about 10 hours… Went up the West Coast to Kalbarri National Park, then to the Gorges, then to Monkey Mia to see some dolphins and have a cruise around the bay, then Shell Beach, then to see some Stromatalites, then to a farmstay, then to sandboarding. Then back to Perth. It was lovely weather, and only started raining after we had lunch on day four. 2100 km in four days we drove.

And there were so many Germans on the bus that it was strange to board a regular city bus after my trip and be able to clearly understand everyone around me. However, I do know enough German that I could freak out the other passengers every once in a while by laughing at their “in-jokes” or responding to questions in English. I can understand German, I just can’t speak it. I think they thought I was holding out on them.

32 Degrees and Melty

Well, it is officially summer here. Warm warm warm. Today I went shopping in the suburb right by my cousin’s place. The weather here is bizarre, it will be 32 degrees, but then at around 2pm a beautiful breeze will come in off the water and cool everything down.

Today I bought new runners. I haven’t had a pair in YEARS. I need something to walk around in because my other sandals are giving me perpetual blisters.

There is this awesome festival in Fremantle over the next two weeks, then the rellies and I are going south to “Margaret River” which is supposedly good wine country. Also, as I just found out from a google search, Bon Scott is buried in the Fremantle Cemetary. I must go and visit on behalf of my bogan-Canadian friends.

Bomb Threat!

Nah, Just kidding. At least, there was no real bomb . It was only a hoax. But supposedly last night at my hotel near the Sydney Airport, a young Iranian man who wanted to be deported phoned in a fake bomb threat. This happened on the fourth floor. I was on the seventh.

I’m hoping that they just didn’t take it too seriously, because I didn’t hear anything about it until I was talking with a woman from the US. “Did you hear all the commotion last night?”. “Ah, er, no” I replied. She told me the story. I imagine around the time that this happened I was in my bath with my sparkling wine and listening to my music. In other words, I’m not sure I would have moved even if I would have known.

I’m thinking about how I should broach this with my mother. She is kind of freaked out by these things. Should I not bother telling her, and risk that she finds out about this via the internet; or should I tell her and risk her being worried about me even more than she is??

***********edit – the terminal at Sydney Airport wouldn’t let me write “bomb” in an email. Funny that. Maybe not the smartest thing to write out considering the recent arrest of 15 potential terrorists, eh?******************

I’m Alive and, well, drunk.

My flight today was wonderful. I was driven to the airport by the lovely alasatyr and after convincing the airport folks that they can send unaccompanied baggage, having a bite to eat, we said our fond fairwells and I wandered to the flight. It was very uneventful, except when the guy whom I was sharing the aisle with sat down beside me. I’m pretty sure he was a guy that stood me up on a blind date I was supposed to go on. He didn’t recognize me, but from the stats he threw out, it did seem like he was the same guy. It made me kind of glad to leave Auckland, where everyone is two degrees separated from everyone else. This guy turned out to be relatively nice, but it took all I had to not tell him to fuck off, or to freak him out with information that I knew about him.

I got to Sydney – it was about 25 degrees when I landed. Went to my hotel. Checked in. Got to my room, dumped my stuff and crashed. Then ordered some food, bought a bottle of sparkling wine, and took said bottle with me into the bathroom, drew a nice bubble bath and proceeded to drink. Getting out was kind of a chore.

Now, I’m just trying to fall asleep, but I think I’m too excited about going to Perth tomorrow. I guess I can sleep on the plane. 🙂