Weightless —> This is the film that I made in 2007 w/ the workshop. Its a little grainy here, and I’ll admit a bit cheeseball, but it was an interesting exercise. Filmed on 16mm over 1 day, edited in 1 day.

Anyhew, feedback welcome. Unless of course it is negative, in which case you can SUCK ROCKS. Haha. Just kidding. Or am I?


It’s done….

Well, my exactly 3 min short film is done. Well done for now.

One of my key shots, because of the technical difficulties, was running long, so we couldn’t take time to get the number of shots that I wanted; and then the shots that I got, one was good, another was crap and fuzzy and out of focus. So, I’d like to re-shoot those ones, and then recut my short a bit. Have I said how much damn fun Final Cut Pro is? SO easy to use, fun kind of fiddly stuff, like I like.

My next thing is taking a production workshop (on how to get $$ out of the Canadian Govt to make your film) next Saturday, working a bit at my real job this coming week, and writing another paper for my course that I’m taking.

I screen the video tomorrow night, I know the narration is strong, but I really don’t know about the editing. We’ll see.

PS. No sugar? out the window. Happened when I was editing. I was a bit tired/nervous.
I’ll try no sugar again tomorrow or the next day. I do like it when I can stop for a good period of time, I usually feel better. But…. so…. tough….to…..quit.