Bad Idea: I watch the movie Dad, which (save for his breakdown thinking he has a family in Jersey) pretty much mirror’s my mom’s stint in the hospital where she almost died last year. Needless to say I spent most of the movie crying, but it was still pretty cool because my mom was there to cry with me at this stupid stupid movie. Ironically, my dad had already gone to bed.

So in this film? Ethan Hawke, Ted Danson, Jack Lemmon and Kevin Spacey. Reminded me of Kevin Spacey doing Jack Lemmon in the Star Wars audition reels. Fabulous.

Generally – feeling pretty grateful for everything. I may have extra weight on my body, be currently jobless, and be a bit of a nutter, but my family is pretty frickin cool.. and I’m lucky to spend these days with them.



Weightless —> This is the film that I made in 2007 w/ the workshop. Its a little grainy here, and I’ll admit a bit cheeseball, but it was an interesting exercise. Filmed on 16mm over 1 day, edited in 1 day.

Anyhew, feedback welcome. Unless of course it is negative, in which case you can SUCK ROCKS. Haha. Just kidding. Or am I?